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Day of Surgery Instructions

Patient Guide to Surgery

Where to Go – Checking In

Please report to the hospital at your scheduled time of surgery, as determined by your conversation with the office or the hospital representative on the day prior to your surgery. This time could be as early as 5:45 AM. Plan your travel arrangements accordingly.

  • Petrie Division
    First Avenue and 16th St
    Admitting Office – First Floor
    Tel: (212) 420-4749
  • Phillips Ambulatory Care Center (PACC)
    10 Union Square East
    Ambulatory Surgery – Suite 4M
    Tel: (212) 844-8260


If you are coming in for ambulatory surgery (i.e. going home the same day of the procedure), you will require an adult escort to bring you home.

Personal Items

When you arrive for surgery, we recommend that you do not wear contact lenses or body jewelry. You may wear eyeglasses, hearing aids or dentures, although you will be asked to remove them before the procedure. Please bring the appropriate containers to store these items.

If you are coming for ambulatory surgery, we recommend that you wear casual, comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that will be easy to put back on following your surgery.

Avoid wearing any body lotion or make up.

Do not bring any valuables or jewelry, as Beth Israel Medical Center cannot be responsible for lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged property. Your clothing and other personal items will be placed in a locked cabinet.

Medications and Allergies

Bring a list of all your medications, times taken and dosages, as well as a list of allergies to medications, foods or other substances. Do not take diuretics (water pills) on the day of surgery.

Admitting Office

Any final paperwork will be completed in the Admitting Office. Those accompanying you can wait with you in Admitting. This wait can be variable, particularly if you are not the first case in the morning. The surgeons estimate the time they will need for each surgery, but these are only estimates. Some cases may take longer than expected; others may be shorter.

Pre-Operative Area

From the Admitting Office, you will be brought to the pre-operative area. Your family will not be allowed into the pre-operative area. At this time, you will sign various consents for surgery, anesthesia and blood products, if applicable.

Holding Area

From the pre-operative area, a stretcher will bring you to the “holding area”. You will have an IV placed and some medications may be started at this time. From the holding area, you will be brought into the operating room. In the operating room you will be placed on the OR table and administered anesthesia.

Recovery in Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

After your surgery, you will require immediate and careful monitoring while you gradually awaken. This will take place in the recovery area called the PACU.

Your Hospital Stay – Inpatient Only

Visiting Hours

If you will be staying in the hospital following your procedure, please note that general visiting hours are between 11 am and 9 pm for your family and friends.

Room Accommodations

Beth Israel Medical Center, Petrie Division, has private and deluxe suites as well as regular semi-private rooms available for an additional fee.

Private and semi-private rooms offer standard features while providing for all your medical needs.

The Chris and Morton P. Hyman Deluxe Patient Care Unit features a special wing of large, luxurious private patient suites with many deluxe amenities in an elegant and comfortable environment. If you wish to request a deluxe suite, please inform your physician’s office and/or call 212-420-4735.


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