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Returning Home Instructions

Discharge Instructions

If you will be returning home on your day of surgery, you must have a responsible escort over 18 years of age to take you home.

If you will be discharged from the hospital at a later date from your procedure, you will need an escort to accompany you home. We recommend that you arrange this prior to admission.


To make your discharge easier, we suggest the following:

  • Talk with your physician regarding medications, follow-up appointments and other guidelines related to your recovery from your procedure.
  • Obtain any prescriptions or written instructions that you will need. Before you leave the hospital, a member of the nursing staff will review discharge instructions and discuss procedures you should follow at home.
  • If you are given prescriptions that “need to be filled right away”, you may fill this prescription at your local pharmacy, however you may wish to call before you leave the hospital to make sure that the medications are available.
  • Pack your personal items the day before your discharge.
  • Check closets, drawers, and other storage areas for all your belongings.

After You Have Left the Hospital

  • Contact your surgeon if you have any questions about your discharge instructions.
  • Make sure you go to your scheduled follow up appointment at your physician’s office. They will evaluate your incision and adjust your pain medications.
  • Take things slowly until your physician says you may resume your usual routine.
  • Keep the wound clean and dry.
  • Follow your physician’s instruction when you can swim or take a tub bath.
  • Infection is always a concern. If your incision should become red, hot, swollen or drain, or if you have several temperatures greater than 101 degrees, please call your doctor’s office immediately.
  • Should any difficulties arise following your discharge, call your physician immediately. If your physician is not available, go directly to the Beth Israel Emergency Department on 16th Street, between First Avenue and Nathan D. Perlman Place.

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